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2024 Maundy Ceremony

This was held at Worcester Cathedral on the 27th March 2024. The maundy money was presented by the Queen on behalf of King Charles 111

2022 Maundy Ceremony

St Georges Chapel Windsor - The service was hosted by Prince Charles.

2021 Maundy ceremony

The ceremony was again cancelled in 2021 and the maundy recipients were sent their distribution by post.

2020 Maundy Ceremony

The 2020 maundy service was cancelled. The recipients were sent their maundy distribution by post.

2019 Maundy Service

St Georges Chapel, Windsor. The service was recently held here both in 2016 and 2018.

2018 Maundy Service

The venue for the 2018 Maundy ceremony will be St Georges Chapel, Windsor and this will be held on the 29th March 2018.

2017 Maundy Service

The 2017 Maundy Ceremony was held on the 13th April 2017 at Leicester Cathedral.


Maundy coin mintages

The Royal Mint have just recently released the details of coin mintages for maundy money
-- 2012, 2013 and 2014 and these are shown below;

                           4p                               3p                              2p                            1p             
2012 1633 1981 1633 1633
2013 1803 1803 1627 1627
2014 2049 1693 1693